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Advice For Upcoming Freshman

I remember my first day of freshman year and I was so nervous. For me as a person, I hated change. So coming into a new environment was overwhelming for …

High Speed Internet

Animal Abuse in Zoos


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Softball Seniors

With the uncertainty of this year, we are very thankful to have spring sports. Softball seniors Ty Thanh and Morgan Metts are happy to play the sport they love one …

All County Basketball & Roundball Classic

Spring Sports!


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Clubs & Organizations

In many high schools, there are different varieties of clubs and activities to do outside of school or in school. Clubs and school events were made to have a great …

Earth Day – April 22

PJAS State Competition


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St. Jude’s Valentine Day Donation

Lafayette Student Council participated in a project to send valentines to kids at St. Jude’s Hospital. Those members of Lafayette’s Student Council were working on a project to send virtual …

Before & After WWll: USA

How Skiing Can Be a Great Workout