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Local Jobs Raising Wages

After the past few months, businesses have been struggling to find people to work. This has been a result of fear of getting Covid, lack of child care and enhanced …

Local Labor Jobs


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2020 Cross Country PIAA Runner Hope Trimmer

Hope Trimmer, a current sophomore, represented Uniontown Area High School at the 2020 PIAA Cross Country Championship meet in Hershey, PA. Placing 10th overall after suffering a significant injury to …

2021 Track Seniors

Softball Seniors


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Clubs & Organizations

In many high schools, there are different varieties of clubs and activities to do outside of school or in school. Clubs and school events were made to have a great …

Earth Day – April 22

PJAS State Competition


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Summer jobs

There is many teens that need jobs. Some teens can’t get a job because of their age. Summer jobs don’t usually have certain ages to work. Teens can work at …

Top 10 TV Shows on Netflix

Top 10 Funniest Movies