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The Effects of covid-19

Regardless of your opinion on covid-19, the pandemic has severely devastated the entertainment industry, and almost all public gatherings have been cancelled. In the beginning it seemed as though this …

Students Issues During Quarantine

School Commute


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Track Season Cancelled: A Runners Perspective

On April 9th Tom Wolf closed all of the schools in Pennsylvania for the rest of the year, and soon after, the PIAA cancelled all spring sports and winter championships, …

Effects of Covid-19 on Student Athletes

Sports Around The World Are Being Canceled


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Register to Vote

Mrs. Grimm’s Civics class encourages all seniors who are 18 years of age to register to vote. It is our civic duty as Americans to participate in the election process. …

Virtual Raider Pride Friday


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The school year is coming to an end as is my freshman year and I feel like it is important to share something about my home. My father and his …

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