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Honors Civics Final

The students in Honors Civics 9 took their final exam yesterday. Many upperclassman look fondly back on that class, and so we decided to cover how the students reacted to …

Renaissance Projects

Beautiful Art of the Second Nine Weeks


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DeShields Hits 1,000

Super Senior, Billy DeShields, is a four year member of the boys varsity basketball team here at UHS. He is a 5 foot, 11 inches and 184 pound shooting guard. …

Uniontown vs. Waynesburg

2020 Track and Field


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Important Dates for the New Year

We have turned over to a new century and it is now the graduating year of the Class of 2020. Following are some important dates for the second half of …

Good Places For Winter Activities


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Quick Dive: The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is a series filled with a new look at science fiction and nail biting thrills. The series was written by James Dashner, first released in October, 2009. …

Places to eat in Uniontown

Movie Review ” Tangled”