10 Tips for Surviving and Thriving in High School

High school isn’t simple. It’s filled with drama and with all the school work, including different sports and clubs you may participate in, it is also time consuming. Some days you may not want to go to school and deal with the difficulties, but it can be easy to get through if you have the right plan to make it through. Fortunately for you, we have some tips that will help you through your journey of high school.

1. Take it seriously.
Your high school education may not seem like a big deal but in all honesty, it is! It’s your climb into adulthood. Colleges and employers take a look at your high school transcript to determine if you’re what they’re looking for. So take it seriously to get far in your future.

2. Choose your right friend group.
Ask yourself this: would you rather spend time with a bunch of people who have to constantly keep up with everything that is happening or would you rather spend time with others who get your quirky sense of humor and who you can open up to when you need to talk? Don’t get us wrong, we are not ‘slamming’ the popular kids, we are merely pointing out that by entering into this group you will endure a lot more pressure as you will have to continuously conform to a group’s opinion and manner of doing things. Yes, it may be fun to have parties to go to every single weekend, but do you really wish to survive in a “herd” with drama each day? Take the time to approach those who perhaps do not look so ‘cool’, they might bring you the most happiness and stability throughout your teenage years.

3. Don’t procrastinate.
Forget bullies, procrastination is seriously your largest enemy from now on. The best way to avoid the delay? Create a homework schedule and stick to it. Jot down all of your assignments in a pretty planner and finish things sooner rather than later, so you can have time for a few episodes of Riverdale before bed.

4. Listen to your parents and teachers.
They know what’s best for you and your future. Though you may think you have it handled on your own, they know you can’t do everything on your own. They’re there to help you succeed in life. Don’t ignore them, let them help.

5. Focus on your goal.
Step back and look at your problem for what it is. Whether you are facing a huge concern or a small one, such as your clothes suddenly feeling way too tight today, keep one thing in mind: you will get through this. You will come out on the other side. You may feel as if there is no solution and no reason to even get out of bed the next day, however, you need to realize that this is merely part of the right of passage that you have to experience while growing up. There is in fact that age old light at the end of the tunnel. There is a life after high school and it’s a pretty good one too.

6. Worry about yourself.
Among all the homework, extra curricular activities, tests and exams as well as the social events you have to attend, it often appears virtually impossible to get a decent night’s sleep let alone have time to relax.
You need time to chill out and be a teenager. You have a lot to do, but half an hour spent watching your favorite sitcom will provide you with the sense of calm you need in order to sustain that healthy balance.

7. Put school before relationships.
Although relationships are fun and you think a guy/girl is the most important thing in your life, your education should always come first. They need to understand you’re working hard to be successful. Work out a plan to get your school work completed before FaceTiming.

8. Don’t give in to peer pressure.
You might hear it all the time, but that’s because it’s so important: be yourself!  People will respect you more and gravitate towards you if you don’t follow the crowd. It takes a lot of courage to be your own person and to be comfortable in your own skin, but doing so will not only boost your confidence, it will make you the “cool” one.

9. Don’t get in trouble.
High school is not the time to get in trouble for things, because, this time, it may affect your college application process. If you get caught drinking, doing drugs, cheating or anything else of the sort, your school may have the ability to suspend or expel you for it. You really don’t want to have something like that on your high school transcript, so make smart choices!

10. Be kind to others
When you’re a teenager trying desperately to fit in with those giggling around you. However, no matter which way you look at this there is no justification for ridiculing each other. You do not have to go around smiling at all of your classmates each day, but when the choice arises between being cruel and keeping quite: choose to be quiet. At times offer some kindness to those around you, as you never know what they are going through in their own lives.

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