13 Reasons Why Review

If you haven’t already heard of the show 13 Reasons Why, you must be living under a rock. The Netflix original is taking social media by storm, bringing an abundance of attention to major issues in today’s society; such as bullying and suicide. The show is centered around a Hannah Baker, a girl that takes her life due to the cruel acts of her peers at her school. Before she does so, she makes 13 tapes, or “reasons”, of who or what made her make this decision. It goes through each of the tapes, occasionally coming back to the present day to show you just how much the death of Hannah Baker has taken a tole on everyone, especially those who are on her hidden tapes.

This raw and very realistic depiction of high school life is making kids all over the world realize just how important every little word you say to someone can be. It is calling attention to very serious issues that are usually looked over and passed off as if it isn’t a problem. This show takes the saying “you never know how someone is feeling until you are in their shoes” to a whole new level. It puts you in the shoes of someone that needed more help than she got and in those who are paying the consequences of not giving help to her.

I, personally, loved the show and believed that it could possibly change the way that most kids see others; that the quiet kid in the back of your class may be the one that needs to talk the most or it could even be the one smiling through the halls. Subjects like these need to be called into the spotlight, now and then, to make everyone realize just how serious bullying can be and the lengths it can push people. Everyone has their own issues and struggles – 13 Reasons Why highlights these and puts into perspective just how important it is to care for others and appreciate what you’ve got while you still have it.

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