1st and 2nd Place Spirit Drawing Winners

Congratulations to our winner Robert Rider and runner up Emily Smearcheck is the UHS Spirit Drawing Contest. I spoke to both of them and got their thoughts about winning.

What are your reactions to winning?

Robert said, ” I just like the school and wanted to show school spirit.”

Emily said, ” I am thrilled.”

What inspired you drawing?

Robert said, ” The new design of the school.”

Emily said, “The band fund raised for a long time to get new uniforms so I wanted to showcase that.”

What does your drawing represent?

Robert said, “I tried to draw people from the valley and city to show we are together.”

Emily said, ” Hard work and determination will get you very far.”

What advice do you have for young artists?

Robert said, “Keep at it and everything will go well.”

Emily said, “Your best at being yourself so do that and everything will go smoothly.”

Congratulations once again to our winners. Thank you to each student that participated.  The other entries can be viewed at the bottom of this post.




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