2016-2017 Auxiliary Squad

Auditions for the 2016-2017 Auxiliary squad were held within the past couple weeks. They had to learn a routine within two days, and perform it in front of four judges, while the captains do the routine behind them. Each person who tried out had to pick a number to see who goes first who their partner will be. They go in and do a couple moves, faces, and then they do their routine and wait until the judges are done and your captain will tell you that you can go out.

The results were….


Kristen Kessler

Olivia Lowther

Devyn Lucy

Gabrielle Harvey

Marissa Harvey

Brianna Harvey

Emily Sharp

Victoria Wozniak

Gracie Wilson


Kristen Kessler


Ashlyn Barcheck

Vanessa Brangard

Jordan Coddington

Valerie Grimes

Larissa Holloman

Sadie Huhn

Stephanie Polando

Marissa Newman

Alyssa Rambo

Abbey Rocks

Kate Sharp

Catherine Work


Lindsey Battaguni

Nina Jefferies


Emilee Friend

Jordyn Dowling

Alyssa Murphy

Mikaela Kamp

Jaiden Holmes

Morgan Eicher

Hannah Layton

Raelynn Canady

Hillary Humbertson


Cora Giannopoulos

Jazmine Anderson



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