2016-2017 Marching Band Captains & Section Leaders

Tryouts were for auxiliary captain and section leaders for the band. Captains had to come up with a two minute routine and write a whole page essay. Section leaders had to write a whole page essay and they gave them music for them to play. They had like a month to make a routine, write an essay or practice their music.

The results were…

Drum Majors – Olivia Ansell & Megan Kaplan

Piccolo Section Leader – Emma Holt

Clarinet Section Leader – Hailey Younkin

Saxophone Section Leader – Caitlin Mitchell

Brass Section Leader – Lauren Ansell

Drumline Section Leader – Jon Grimplin & Cole Waligura

Raiderette Captains – Jordan Coddington & Marissa Newman

Silk Captains – Jordyn Dowling

Twirler Captains – Gabrielle Harvey

Feature Twirlers – Olivia Lowther & Emily Sharp

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