2017-2018 Band Banquet

The Uniontown Area High School Marching Band celebrated the end of another band season on Sunday, April 29th. It was held at the Stone House Inn up the mountains in the banquet hall. The directors thanked everyone for coming and for making the season so very memorable. As dinner was being served, a slideshow of pictures from this past season, as well as senior’s (and director’s) baby pictures, played to old field show songs.

Everybody can agree that the senior Q&A was the best part of the evening. Senior Justin Quinn put together videos asking seniors many questions from “What is your favorite memory of band?” all the way to “What’s the best blank stare you give when you lose your place in the music?”. It was sentimental and really gave the seniors something to hold on to.

Awards were given to the Raiderette squad, led by captains Marissa Newman, Kate Sharp, and Valerie Grimes, for auxiliary section of the year. Drumline, led by Cole Waligura and Jon Grimplin, received overall section of the year and were able to be first on the new plaque in the band room. Senior gifts were given out as the evening came toa close. It was bittersweet for many of the seniors, as a lot of them may never have the band opportunities they did in high school.

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