2018-2019 Scheduling Requests

As this school year comes to an end and everybody makes plans for summer vacations, everybody knows we need to start planning for the next school year. There are many choices in every area of study depending on your personal needs. When trying to take all the classes you want, remember that it is a graduation requirement to have 4 credits in English, 4 credits in Social Studies, 4 credits in Mathematics, 2 credits in Electives, 1 credit in Business/Computers, .5 credits in Health, 1.5 credits in Physical Education, and .5 credits in Aquatics. It is highly suggested that all students take at least two years of a language, either Spanish or French, as it can help you in the real world and can be fun a lot of the time with fiesta’s and field trips.

When deciding what classes to take, it is important to look at the big picture. Depending on what you want to do throughout college and the rest of your life, many classes will be crucial for you to major in a desired field of study. If you want to be an elementary teacher, maybe you don’t have to take the hardest classes in high school, but you should be well rounded in all subjects. If you want to major in biology or chemistry, chances are if you take AP bio or AP chem you will be more prepared for college. Sophomore and junior year are very important towards your future with more options of classes and the choice of how hard you want to work.

There are tons of choices of electives which can help you decipher which path you want to take in college.  There are currently 3 basic art classes if you want to get in touch with your creative side. In music classes, you can sing or learn how to play a new instrument. As a freshman or sophomore, construction and manufacturing can help you decide if you want to go to a technical school so you can graduate high school with a good job. New classes are also being offered this year such as AP statistics and musical theory.  It’s time to make a few big decisions about which paths you want to take in your academic career, good luck!

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