2019 Dodgeball Tournament Champions: Team Donny Bergers

On Friday December 20th, the senior class sponsored the annual dodge ball tournament for charity. UHS raised $588 for local teacher Amy Tungate and her fight against pancreatic cancer. Many thanks to Mr. Kaufman, Mr. Scott, and Mr. Pavlovich for their assistance with the event. Also thanks to Ashlyn Barcheck, Grant Barcheck, Andrew Schoener, Morgan Holloway, and Ty Berdar for coordinating ticket sales, photographing, and filming the event.

The 2019 dodgeball champs were the “Donny Bergers”. They went 5-0 and could not be defeated. There was some good competition at the tournament. The cross country team placed 2nd, and the “Nader Boys” placed in 3rd. None of these teams were a match for the “Donny Bergers” though. The undefeated team was a showcase of athletes.

Members of the team were, Pablo Boyd, Bryce Anderson, Biaggi DiMarco, Kevin Zahron, Walker Witt, Cam Walton, Jeff King, Dylan Burkholder, John Harim, Jake Shiley, Taequann Richardson, Dakota Burkholder.

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