2019 Job Outlook

These are the three top paying jobs, number one is becoming a nurse. A nurse is a smart move because they are always in high demand. You have to go through a lot of schooling, and a high GPA for this job to be an option. They make around $70,000 a year.

Another top job is a web designer. To be in this career choice you should have a degree in computer or marketing. You can expect to make a good bit of money from this job. You can make up to $58,000 or more.

An engineer is another great choice. If you would like to be in this field you should excel in math and science. You average around $67,000 to $123,000. An investment banker is also another high paying job, if you know exactly what you are doing. You make around $112,000. It takes a long schedule and dedication. If you have a busy schedule this is not the job for you.

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