2019 Senior Baseball Player

This season we have five seniors on the boys baseball team. Last year we had twelve seniors most of them were key players to the varsity team. Most of them were committed to a college before their senior year was over. Now that there’s only five seniors the team as a whole has to come together so we can win. The seniors this year consist of comical, serious, and good over all people; Nolan Sennet, Wyatt Rishel, Wyatt Lepley, Owen Martin, and Jake Swartzentruber.

These student/athletes have plans for after high school. The key to being a good person is to be a leader. Wyatt Lepely is planning on going to Pittsburgh University. Owen Martin is also planning on committing to Penn State Fayette University. Jake, Nolan, and Wyatt Rishel have yet to decide where they plan on going to college. Wyatt Lepley and Owen Martin are pushing for an academic scholarship but they would be pleased to be offered an athletic scholarship also.

All of these players are looking to make the best at of their senior year. Owen Martin might be home schooled but he’s still very social and easy to get along with. Wyatt Lepley is making the best out of his last year in high school by making himself a great leader. Nolan Sennet is doing his best at making anyone that’s in his sight laugh. While Jake and Rishel are trying their best in school to get the highest grades they are capable of. Overall the seniors that are on the baseball team this year are striving for greatness!

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