2019 Uniontown Area Highschool Blood Drive

On Monday December 16th our school hosted the annual Blood Drive. The National Honor Society sponsored and ran the event. Members of NHS were required to recruit at least two people to donate. In order to donate, you needed to be in good health by American Red Cross standards and at least 16 years old with a signed parent permission slip.

We had approximately 45 students participate. About 15 of them were unfortunately unable to donate due to various different reasons like low iron. Many of the students gave the normal pint but one student, Nolan Ranker, did the Double Red Donation which cycles your blood out of your body taking two units of red blood cells and then returning the rest of your blood back into your body.

The students registered, got their health history checked, they donated and rested in the refreshment area to be sure they had no reaction. In total the blood drive gathered 30 pints of blood which is the equivalent to 90 lives that are able to be saved due to the students who donated. The American Red Cross was very thankful and said they were looking forward to the next drive that will be held here.

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