2020 A Year to Remember

Even though we’re only a few months into the year 2020, this has been a dramatic roller coaster. Everyone’s lives have been put on hold, because no one actually knows when this pandemic will come to end. Then we come to realize, the Senior Class of 2020 has lost hope on what will become of them.

Since a young age, all you dream about is walking that stage and throwing your caps up after the principal announces “Congratulations Class of 2020”. We don’t get to experience that, what we get to experience is not being able to finish our high school careers like previews graduating classes. I felt as though, we should of been more prepared for this whole incident, and to have the ability to actually say goodbye. Also we will never receive the actual congratulations we earned, we were stripped of all things we ever wanted to do our senior year.

Senior Savannah Smith stated “I feel like the Coronavirus has robbed me and my friends of our “perfect” senior year. We are missing out on all the senior meetings and even graduation.” This pandemic impacted this senior in a negative way because she felt as though we also had a right to be like all the previous graduating classes.

A statement Smith made that stuck was “We worked so hard for 12 years to be able to do all these things, but it was taken from us.” Many are loosing hope, like this senior right here, on their “perfect” happily ever after. This pandemic made it not so happy for many.

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