2020 Fayette County Recycling Program

With Covid cases at coming in at full strength, what better thing to do than your part to save the planet, the safe and sanitary way. A new recycling program for Fayette county residents allows you to do just that. Bins have been placed all around the County where you can drop off your recycling. Recycling works to protect the environment and help reduce the amount of waste that ends up into nature.

Don’t know what to recycle? Glass, Metal cans, paper, and plastics are all acceptable recyclable products. Make sure to rinse them out first before taking them to drop off. Fayette County hopes to be a leader in recycling with their new state of the art recycling center.

Have any further questions you can contact the recycling hotline at 724-430-4884. Some of the bin locations include Penn State Fayette Campus, Ohiopyle Ranger Station, Menallen Elementary School and many more. There is even one in the parking lot behind our school building. Have any of those pesky hard to recycle items lying around? Well Fayette County has you covered for that as well. This event takes place once in the Spring and once in the Fall annually. What better way to boost spirits in these trying times than to get out there and save the planet wouldn’t you agree?

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