2020 Honor Band

This year’s honor band performed at West Virginia University last Thursday through Saturday. The band included our Emily Parker, a senior trumpet player and Leah Hollis, who plays bass clarinet. To be a part of the honor band, they had to send in an audition and get accepted into one of the three bands. Emily and Leah were in the second band, known as the Blue Band. It was a three day event filled with appreciation for the musicians who work hard to be a part of their school’s band.

On Saturday, there was a concert where all three bands played, the Gold Band, Blue Band, and the Mountaineer Band. The top band went first and played five songs, then the second band, with Emily and Leah played four songs, which included, “As All the Heavens Were a Bell”, which was a tribute to the fire-fighters who fought during 9/11, “In Praise of Gentle Pioneers”, “Dedicatory Overture”, and finally, “Man of Ohio”. The Mountaineer band was the last to go and they also played four songs.

Emily Parker stated that, “It was very fun and also very nice to have a band with so many instruments and musicians in it. There were seven tuba players, which was crazy coming from a band where there is no low brass.” Participating in a band can be so rewarding, you have opportunities like this one, and so many more. Those who were in honor band worked with amazing conductors and had the experience of being in a large band, with all members sharing the same love and passion for their music!


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