2nd Annual Decorating Contest

Last year, the third period classrooms decorated their rooms to show off their best Christmas spirit in a contest! Tomahawk Talk recently talked with Jeffrey Malaspino about this year’s upcoming decorating contest. Jeffrey has made a great effort into bringing this contest back this school year. We asked him a few questions about the decorating contest this year and what the classrooms should expect.

  1. What inspired you to bring this contest back again?
    The amount of rooms that participated last year and a couple of the judges and teachers started asking me if we were doing it again and I decided it would be good. Plus, I heard some teachers were out to beat Mrs. Kriebel this year.”
  2. How will this lift people’s spirits as Christmas time approaches?
    “I hope it gets people to participate in something for school and just enjoy the holiday and help make the building more merry.”
  3. How do the classrooms get judged? Who judges them?
    “We have 5 categories: originality, theme, craftsmanship, completeness, and neatness. Each category is has a maximum of 5 points. The maximum points total for each classroom is 25 points. A 3rd period teacher who does not have a class/duty will judge, if they are willing to help.”
  4. Do you have anything to add that Tomahawk Talk didn’t ask/mention?
    “The winning room will win donuts before the end of the semester when we return from Christmas break. The exact date is to be determined. Classrooms have until the 19th of December to decorate their room. Judging will be December 19th during 3rd period. The winner of the decorating contest will be announced on December 20th and every classroom has to clean up on the 20th and 21st.”
  5. Teachers who are signing up should go to  www.uhstalk.org/decorate
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