Tips To Make It Through

I know the school year seems never ending but here are a few things that you can do to help push through these last few months!

-Have a good sleep schedule 

We all love staying up late and binge watching our favorite show, looking at your phone or playing Fortnite. But think about how much better your school day would be if you were well rested! You would be more energized and the day would seem shorter.

Do your homework as early as you can

Some of us get lucky and get teachers that will accept late work, but you shouldn’t rely on that! Take just a little time out of your day to finish your work before you do other things. It will make your life a lot less stressful.

Take time to laugh with friends

Sometimes you just need a moment to hang with friends to make the day more bearable. Make sure you have a time in your day to relieve the stress of school and it is guaranteed to make your day better.

Eat Lunch

You need to eat to focus in school. Even if you don’t like the provided school lunches, you can always pack one or bring snacks to coast you through until you get home.

Engage in activities around the school

Be as involved as you can be before this year ends! You will miss all of the activities and people once you graduate so make the best of it while you can!

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