5 Tips to Relieve Stress

We all know that life can get difficult at times – The stress of classes, relationships, your future, and family can pile up and become overbearing. Here are just a few tips for how to ease the stress of your everyday life:

1. Make time for yourself

Sometimes you just need a moment to relax. Try to be alone for at least a half an hour every day, do nothing, and let your mind rest. Yes, the company of others can be fun, but giving yourself alone time can do wonders for your mental health.

2. Listen to music

It is a scientific fact that music releases stress. Put in some headphones and zone out for a little bit or even blast a song and sing in the car. No matter what you listen to, it will have a positive effect on your body and can calm you down.

3. Call a friend or family member

Having good relationships with people are important. If there is an issue with someone, call them and talk it out. And even if there isn’t, you can still call someone just to talk about your problems or try to get your mind off of something else. Just hearing a reassuring voice can make you feel better.

4. Reassure yourself

If you are anything like me, you tend to get very flustered when you are stressed. So it is best to just sit down and think calmly to yourself. Tell yourself why you are stressed, how you can fix it, and how to take one step at a time to solve your issue(s). Sometimes just telling yourself that everything is going to be okay will work just as much as anything else.

5. Have a proper diet 

Eating right and stress levels are very closely related.  If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you are more likely to be upbeat and happy. Now I’m not saying to not eat that candy bar or to skip the ice cream, but keep those things for every once and a while and you will be fine.

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