A Coffee Mug Full of Tears: A Poem

The heart beats.
Slow and rhythmic.

Tears drip
down sorrow strewn faces,
filling up their glasses.

A coffee mug
full of tears.

One might
call it weak.

One might
call it broken.

But a coffee mug
full of tears
is a heart full of emotions.

Every heart beat,
each pump
through your veins
is a drum of strength.

Man does not cry
because he is weak.

Woman does not
fill up her teardrop glasses
because she is sorrowfully

each teardrop
is one of resilience.

A silent war
ongoing in the mind.

One might call
a coffee mug
full of tears

But I-
I call it wholesome.
-Student Poet

In the past, Hebrew women would fill up jars of their tears as a reminder of the strong emotions they’ve felt. While in modern times that sounds very odd, perhaps though it leaves us with a reminder that it’s ok to cry. So fill up your coffee mugs full of tears! Your thoughts and feelings are valid. Let this serve as a reminder.

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