A College Alternative

Many students are faced with the daunting challenges of going straight from high school into college. The mountains of student debt and the lack of being able to spend your money as you want is a terrifying prospect for anybody, let alone kids who are barely adults. Unfortunately, whoever you speak to will usually say that you need to get a degree of some kind to succeed in the long run. However, Mr. Kmiec, the chief operating officer at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort says otherwise. We spoke about the necessity of a degree and options that exist at Nemacolin that don’t require one. We also discussed how a career at Nemacolin can help students, especially here at Uniontown, prepare for a future where they can be confident in themselves, their financial status and their future job prospects.

First we discussed some of the positions they have open to students, however one of the many interesting things about Nemacolin is that they don’t hire for “positions,” they hire people for a “career path.” For example, if you would wish to pursue a career in food and beverage, you would start in the kitchen as a dishwasher, over time you would move up and rise to the manager of a restaurant, or even higher. But of course there is more than food and beverage, Kory Young, the current general manager of Falling Rock, got his start in food and beverage as a bartender at Aqueous. After showing promise and doing his job well, he was promoted to running the restaurant. After gaining this experience, he left food and beverage in order to work in the operations aspect of the resort and overtime, he came to where he is today.

A career at Nemacolin is a promising one indeed. As it stands, most career paths require a good personality, rather than a good degree, making Nemacolin the perfect pit stop before college. And if you happen to like it, you can come back, with or without a degree, and have the opportunity for success, in whatever field you love.

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