A Hero Came Home

On March 29, 2019 a hero came home to surprise his son. Nate Shaheen, a senior at Uniontown High School, was leaving school for work release when he was blown away at the sight of his father.

Shaheen’s father Bill has been away since June of 2018 for a long 9 months.  The senior was worried about his dad being away during his biggest year of high school. Staff Sergeant Shaheen was not supposed to be home until June, well after prom and graduation occur.

Knowing how much this would mean to Shaheen, Cassidy Vansickle, a sophomore at Uniontown High School helped put together this event for her best friend. Vansickle was dismissed early from school to watch the plan be put into action.  Nate’s mother Becky was also in on the surprise and hid alongside her mother behind umbrellas.  Waiting to cue her husband to appear from his hiding place behind a wall when her son exited the high school.

Sergeant Shaheen has been in the United States Army National Guard for 29 years. Before his arrival today, Sergeant Shaheen was in Kuwait on his third deployment.  This was the second time he has been deployed to Kuwait.  He was stationed in Iraq during his second tour.

Welcome home Staff Sergeant Shaheen and thank you for your service. 

Filmed by Benjamin Witt
Photos by Ashlyn Barcheck
Edited by Marissa Muchnok
Article by Kaylena Harrell

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  1. Well done to all who participated !! Always hear negative things about young people. Good to see this positive a room for a class mate.

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