A Little Bit About The Leads

As the show dates for the musical are approaching we figured it was the perfect opportunity to interview this year’s lead cast of Little Shop of Horrors at UAHS. This year’s cast consists of Cooper Waligura as Seymour, Claire White as Audrey, Brody Smith as Audrey 2, Dusty Plume as the Dentist, and Wyatt Plume as Mushnik. We asked each cast member the following questions:

What is your favorite thing about your character?

Cooper: “My favorite thing about my character is that Seymour is very clumsy and sweet.”
Claire: “My favorite thing about my character Audrey is how sweet and determined she is.”
Brody: “My favorite thing about my character Audrey 2 is the voice.”
Dusty: “My favorite thing about my character is that the Dentist is a very happy guy.”
Wyatt: “My favorite thing about Mushnik is probably his drive to get what he wants.”

What is your favorite song from the musical?

Cooper: “Now (It’s just the Gas)”
Claire: “Somewhere that’s Green”
Brody: “Now (It’s just the Gas)”
Dusty: “Dentist”
Wyatt: “Now (It’s Just the Gas)”

Is there anything about your character that is similar to yourself?

Cooper: “We are both sweet, have glasses, and we can both sing pretty good.”
Claire: “One thing we have in common is we are both very understanding of others.”
Brody: “We are both evil.”
Dusty: “There is not very much that is similar between us. Orin is as opposite as you would get from me in real life. The only thing is that we’re both passionate with our respective crafts.”
Wyatt: “Well, for one, if you go off of the 2003 Remaster, which is the one we are performing. I can say we are both on the heavy side. *haha* On the serious side, I’d say we are both direct.”

What inspired you to become a part of the drama club? And what’s your favorite thing about drama club?

Cooper: “I’ve always wanted to do drama club ever since 8th grade. I never really looked back.”
Claire: “I have been doing musicals for 7 years so it really made me want to audition. My favorite thing about drama club is making new friends and always having someone to talk to.”
Brody: “The girls who do drama club inspired me to join.”
Dusty: “Theatre is art, which is expression, and I love having opportunities to express myself. That, and the people are so welcoming. My favorite thing is probably the sense of community that is created by the wonderful people that surround you.”
Wyatt: “Originally, I wanted to be a part of stage crew. I decided to to actually act though because of the people who said I couldn’t. In that manner, it makes me want to prove those people wrong and prove to myself that I could. My favorite part about drama club is the friends I have made along my journey.”

If you could play any role or be casted in whatever musical you choose what/who would you be?

Cooper: “I’d play Alexander Hamilton in the show ‘Hamilton’. ”
Claire: “I would want to be Christine from ‘Phantom of the Opera’. The story is very interesting and the music is amazing.”
Brody: “I’d like to be Mr. Hyde from ‘Jekyll and Hyde’. “
Dusty: “I love playing confident characters, though I’m not very confident in real life. If I could pick any lead role I’d likely choose Dracula from ‘Dracula the Musical’. ”
Wyatt: “I am not particularly well versed in musicals, but I’d maybe want to go for Monsieur Richard Firmin from ‘Phantom of the Opera’. “

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