A Musical Promise: Chynna Ely-Ayazra

Tomahawk Talk had time to speak to student Chynna El-Ayazra, who recently wrote and illustrated her own children’s book.

What’s the title of your book? A Musical Promise.

What inspired you to write it? I wrote it for my senior project. It turned into a project in which I tried to instill sympathy for middle eastern families.

What is it about? A brother and sister live in Lebanon with their family. Their father had to leave to fight in the war but before he leaves he gives them two instruments: an Oud (a middle eastern guitar) and a hand drum. He tells them if they play every night that he will come home safely, hence the “musical promise”. The children magically learn to play and play every night for their family and village. They bring happiness back to their village and their father comes home safely in the end. Finally, they leave for America to find better lives.

Where can you purchase the book and how much does it cost? It’s on Amazon for $4.99 on the Kindle.

a musical promise
The cover of Chynna’s book: A Musical Promise



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