Activities to Do During Quarantine

Over the past few weeks we’ve all been stuck at home bored with nothing to do. We can no longer hang with friends, shop at any malls, pretty much all human contact has been canceled. Although, we are stuck at home here’s some activities we can do to stay productive during quarantine.

Exercise- Exercising is a great activity to keep you in shape. You can take a 5 minute walk around your neighborhood or do some jumping on your trampoline. These are both are great ways to stay in shape. You can also do a workout routine. You can download an app, look one up online or make one up yourself.

Baking and cooking – Creating recipes is a great way to take up your time. Making different dishes and desserts is an activity that is simple and easy to do. Before all of this we can all say we didn’t really have time to bake/cook, but now we’re stuck in the house with nothing to do. So maybe bring out an old cookbook or look up recipes online.

Watching movies with your family- Soending time with my family is personally my favorite thing to do. When was the last time your family sat down and enjoyed a movie together? I know for me its been a while. So why not go on Netflix and find a movie you all would enjoy. It’s bonding time and gives you a chance to put down your phone.

Even though the past month has been anything but normal doesn’t mean you can’t do these activities.

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