Advantages and Disadvantages of Cyber School

Students in this day and age have some choice in whether they attend a “brick and mortar” school or telecommute by attending a cyber school. There are advantages and disadvantages to this decision and students must make the best choice for them.


If your bullied or picked on you have an escape. You can leave the school and be where your safe rather then somewhere you get pocked with a stick.

You have much more time on your hands. You can do more the faster you get the work done. You just wake up and log in and boom you might do 8 hour work in 2 hours and have 6 hours extra hours to do what you want.

Easier to focus. For some they need quiet to concentrate, with cyber you can make it as silent as possible. If you need music to concentrate you can pop in some earbuds or throw on some head phones and listen away.


Some disadvantages of cyber is, you can lack motivation to actually do the work. With actual school your teacher motivate and push you to do the work.

You can become anti-social. Sometime it can isolate you from the world and you become an introvert or more of.

It can be a lot harder to understand what your doing. Sometimes people who do cyber can’t grasp what’s their being taught because they need someone to actually teach them, but not know it.

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