Advice For Upcoming Freshman

I remember my first day of freshman year and I was so nervous. For me as a person, I hated change. So coming into a new environment was overwhelming for me. I don’t want the new freshman to feel the same way I did.

The most important piece of advice I can give to the freshman is to get involved with school activities. The was the best thing I could have done during high school. It was an amazing way to make new friends and get to know people. It won’t be as scary going into high school and seeing familiar faces.

Getting involved with school activities also gives you a lot of memories to look back on after you graduate. I know for me as a senior, being involved in band and softball gave me amazing memories that I can never forget and friends that I’ll always have forever.

So please, for the freshman class coming up, make the most out of your high school experience. I promise you, the more you get involved in activities, the better experience you’ll have.

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