Advice To All Upcoming Juniors And Seniors

So you have made it through your first 2 years of high school, amazing right?  It’s unbelievably incredible of how fast time flies by.  I will tell you from experience, time just gets faster and faster.  All who are Sophomores may have questions about your upcoming Junior year and all Juniors may have questions about your upcoming Senior year.  In this article I will answer those questions and also give advice for the upcoming High School years.

For Sophomores coming up to their Junior year, it’s definitely important to know that Junior year is the most important year of your High School years.  I previously stated the topics of why in a previous article, “Why Junior Year is the Most Important Year”.  I am revisiting this topic to give advice this time.  Do not take anything for granted in your Junior year.  Your Junior year is and always will be the most important year because colleges will look very closely at your transcripts so make sure you keep your grades up.

Junior year also prepares you more for your senior project.  You will present your Junior speech in the English class you have which states what your project is and what all you did to set it up/complete it.  Towards the end of Junior year, my advice to you is to start considering what colleges you want to look at for senior year.  This does not mean that you have to commit to one right away, only just to get some in mind.

So Junior year is now over and you’re a senior.  Crazy, right?  Though Senior year is your last ride, you still should not take it for granted.  Senior year is the time to present your senior project and also finalize college decisions.  Your senior project is one of the most important aspects that you need to complete in order to graduate, so you do not want to drop the ball on that.

Another important thing to pay much attention to are scholarship opportunities.  Uniontown offers many of scholarships throughout the year that can be awarded to anyone.  When you hear of an available scholarship, do not hesitate to get information for it and apply for it if it’s applicable to your major.

The last 2 years of your high school years, being your junior and senior year, will fly by faster than any other years have before.  Time goes by in the blink of an eye, do not take anything for granted.  Push yourself to strive and do better in classes, and if you find yourself struggling in a class, ask for help.  If you want to achieve something that you have never done before, go out and do anything you can to achieve it.  Enjoy every moment while you have it because it time never last forever, but memories do.

I wish the best of luck to all upcoming Juniors and Seniors.  Make every moment count.

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