All About Biology Club

Biology club is one of many clubs available for our students. The club is directed by Mr. Piccolomini, who created a way to start recycling plastic bottles throughout the school. We have currently recycled enough plastic that’s equivalent to powering an electric car for an entire year. We also have collected enough that the amount of the greenhouse gases could have been by trees within 1/2 acre of the U.S. forestland over the course of a full year. We have collected over 900 lbs of recycling since the beginning of this school year.

Not only do we recycle plastic, but earlier this school year our organization volunteered to plant The Sweet Shrub, also known as Carolina Allspice. This is a Pennsylvania native plant that blooms maroon flowers. We decided that this particular shrub would be the best pick since our colors are maroon and white. Some of our future plans are to plant more shrubs, and to eventually team up together with our Art Club to clear out our courtyard. Some of our long-term goals are to be able to have everyone in the club participate in community service.

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