All-Star Weekend

The All Star Weekend is a big weekend in basketball, it is time for the players to get ready to start the second half of the season. There are many events that go on, on this weekend including the 3 point contest, the dunk contest, the All-Star game, and also the celebrity game. The best players in the NBA at the time are invited to play in the All-Star game. The best dunkers in the NBA are invited to play in the Dunk contest, and the best 3 point shooters in NBA are invited to the 3 point contest. It is not a really competitive weekend because its just time for the players to have some fun and put on a show for the fans, to let the fans have a great time with the players and see exciting plays from the best players in the league. The All-Star game is East vs. West.  This year the West won the game scoring almost 200 points they ended the game with 196 and the Eastern team ended the great game with 163 points.

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