Almost Perfect

Has your bracket been ruined since Middle Tennessee shocked the world beating Michigan State or when Stephen F. Austin upset West Virginia? Nevertheless a senior from Jasper High School in Indiana named Rebecca Gentry filled out a bracket as part of her English class with no idea what she was doing. Rebecca who only has three misses in her bracket  had Syracuse in her final four along with Notre Dame in the Elite Eight and even picking Wisconsin over number two seed Xavier. When asked about her incredible bracket she said ” When he first handed the assignment out, I thought I’m not doing this, I don’t know what any of this means, maybe I’ll copy somebody’s”. Fortunately she didn’t as she has managed to pick games no one would think of. She was then asked about her approach to picking games she says  “It was a little bit of instinct, a little bit of guessing,” she said. “And pure luck. I had no idea what was going on half the time with my bracket”. 

Now if you are thinking to yourself ” I have watched basketball all year and my brackets busted”  maybe you should take a different approach to your picks. Even though some matchups you just never know what could happen for example a number fifteen seed beating a two seed is unheard of as there is a 6.25% chance of that upset happening. When asked why she chose Middle Tennessee she says “My mom actually almost went there for college and I’ve seen a little bit of the campus from pictures she showed me and stuff. I kind of chose that one because my mom loved that team.” Then to top it off her Final Four consisted of Villanova versus Oklahoma and Syracuse versus North Carolina. Her National Championship game was close as she had Syracuse versus Villanova but all in all she picked the exact champ and ended with only three misses.

Rebecca who has only been to maybe one basketball game in her life continues comes close to perfection and holds a lot of bragging rights. She was finally asked if she would watch the final game and she responded with ” If I have time”.

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