Andrea Ballacchino: From Italy to UT

This school year Uniontown High School has the opportunity to host a foreign exchange student. Andrea Ballacchino, from Italy, will be completing his junior year here in the U.S. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions. He arrived here in August and will be leaving in June.

What made you decide to study in the United States? ” I was getting bored of my life in Italy. I wanted to do something special, and completely change my whole life”

What is one difference between the schools in Italy and America? ” In the Italian high schools we don’t change classmates every time we change a class. We always have the same classmates for every class for the entire high school.”

What part of Italy are you from? “A city near Milan.”

What is your hometown like? How is it different from living here? “My hometown isn’t a lot different from Uniontown, it’s just a bit bigger. The biggest difference is that almost everyone lives in an apartment.”

Do you have any brothers or sisters? “Yes, one older sister.”

Do you miss your family back home? “Not much, just a little bit.”

What is your favorite thing about living here so far? “Meeting new people and discovering something new everyday.”

How long will you be studying in the United States? ” 10 Months.”

Whats are your plans for once you go back to Italy? “I still have to do another year of high school. Then I’m going to college in Italy to study engineering.”

Where do you see yourself in ten years? “In ten years I see myself working as an energetic engineer. I don’t know yet if I’m staying in Italy or moving somewhere else. I’d like to stay in my hometown but I would be willing to work abroad if I didn’t find a job in Italy.”

We hope he enjoys his time here at Uniontown Area High School.

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