AP Courses – To Take or Not to Take?

When it comes to scheduling, students are always back and forth on whether or not to take AP courses for their next school year.  Uniontown offers many AP courses that students can take such as AP Literature, Language, Spanish 5, U.S. History, Psychology, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, etc.  But the on going question that many students ask theirselves when they come across these courses is, “Is it really worth it?”.

The answer to that question is very simple, yes, AP courses are very much worth taking.  Although that the classes are on an Advanced level, meaning that it will be equivalent to taking a college level course, the AP courses at Uniontown prove to be beneficial to all students that take them.  Given that these courses are on a college level, the work load may be a lot to handle at times, which speaking from experience, it does get a little stressful at times.  However,  by taking these AP classes, it will help anyone in the future with plans on going to college.

When the course is done during the school year, students have an opportunity to take the AP exam for that corresponding AP class in May.  If students take the AP exam and pass it with a score of 3 or higher (AP scoring runs on a scale from 1-5), they earn a college credit for that class in college.  Earning this credit may seem like nothing really special and big, but it has a greater meaning than just earning a credit.  By earning this credit,  students receive a deduction if the cost of tuition and also do not have to take the class again when they go to college.

All in all, the answer to the question of is an AP class really worth it or not is yes it truly is worth it.  However, when taking an AP class, every student that takes the course must apply theirselves to that class.  If one goes in with the intention of not studying and not doing homework, they may not find themselves getting anywhere in the class.  Given that it’s a college level course, the workload is going to be a lot, but if you apply yourself and do the homework and study, it is definitely beneficial in the long run.

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