Armies in the Meadow

This will be reenactment of a battle at Fort Necessity (also called the Battle of the Great Meadows) took place on July 3rd 1754, in what is now Farmington in Fayette County, Pennsylvania . This event will be on May 25th to the 26th at the National Park. French and British forces will encamp the Great Meadows at Fort Necessity National Battlefield. During this event re-enactors will also be able to answer questions about their equipment and supplies and any other questions to there will also be special programs including demonstrations of wilderness road building, fortification techniques, and historic weapons there. It will be a great time going there to see a reenactment of history.

By 11:00 on the 3rd of July 1754 Louis Coulon de Villiers came within sight of Fort Necessity at this time the Virginians were digging a trench in the mud. But Coulon miscalculated the location of the fort and had advanced his troops with the fort at his right then he halted then redeployed his troops meanwhile Washington began to prepare for the attack. Coulon moved his troops in to the woods, within easy musket range of the fort, Washington knew he had to dislodge the Canadians and the Indians from that position so he ordered an assault with his enter force across the open field, seeing the assault coming. Coulon order his soldiers lead by Indians to charge directly at Washington’s line but Washington ordered his men to hold their ground and fight violently and inflicted several casualties on the oncoming Indians but a little later Washington’s men fired at the Canadians who were spreaded out and put heavy fire on the fort but they fired too high and only killing a few and the cannons fared no better then heavy rain started and Washington’s were unable to fire back because the gunpowder was to wet. After a while Coulon started to worry when British reinforcements would arrived and raised a white flag to negotiate but Washington didn’t allow the Canadian Officer in or near the fort but sent two of his men including his translator Jacob Van Braam, then on July 4 Washington and his men left the fort back to Eastern Virginia.

Today Fort Necessity is National Battlefield in Fayette county with tours and visitors going to it everyday ever since it became a National Site. The fort saw action during the French and Indian war and the only time Washington surrendered during the war. After the French and Indian war it spiraled into a global conflict known as the Seven Year War. It is also one of the many places you can visit and see places like Falling Water and it’s not far from Uniontown. It is a great place to visit and learn about.

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