Army-Navy Game Overview

December 9th’s Army-Navy Game was a thriller. The final score was Navy 13, and Army 14.  They played in Philadelphia, PA at Lincoln Financial Field. It snowed the whole game and the temperature was in the low-thirties the whole game. The jerseys both teams wore were outstanding. The Navy based there uniforms off of the Blue Angels, the had the jets on their helmets, and they wore the Blue Angels’ crest on the sleeve of their uniform.  The Army based their uniform off of the 10th Mountain Division from World War Two. The wore all white and had the division patch on their shoulder, and had crossed skis on their helmets.

The kickoff for the game was 3:00 p.m. Both the Army and Navy choir sang the National Anthem together. Army received the ball first, they scored the first touchdown of the game in the first quarter, but Navy kicked a 28 yard field goal to get on the board. Then in the second quarter Navy’s quarterback Malcolm Perry ran the ball into the end zone. Navy led 10 to 7 going into halftime. In the third quarter with 9:25 still left on the clock navy kicked another field goal. With 5:20 on the clock in the fourth quarter Army squeezed in another touchdown. Then when Navy was setup to receive the ball, Army’s kicker kicked the ball out of bounce. Navy received the ball on the 35 yard line. Then Navy had two false starts which set then back ten yards and on the 48 yard line. Navy tried to kick with 3 seconds left on the 48 yard line on a fourth down. They kicked it and Navy’s kicker missed it by a foot to the left, and Army won by a point.

After the game both branches sang there Alma Mater, and the Army cadets swarmed the field the to  congratulate their team. Army also won the Commander-in-Chiefs trophy. They haven’t won it since 1996. Army now has won back-to-back times and Navy is shocked. The Army-Navy Game is America’s Game. Every player on that field Saturday was willing to serve and die for their country.

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