Art and Music Programs in Possible Danger

Art and Music, two very popular aspects of the Visual Arts industry, may be in danger in schools due to budget cuts not being able to support the courses.  The nationwide topic arises  not only in students, but also parents and adults.  This now becomes a serious issue for some due to the fact that music and/or art may be their calling.

For some students, music and art are their way of life.  It may be the only way that they can truly express what they can’t or are unable to say, and can also express who they truly are as a person.  For others, it may be an escape from everything and give them a sense of freedom from the outside world.  If the music and art programs are taken away from schools, this opportunity for them could possibly disappear.

According to “While budgetary cuts across the board negatively impact schools, in most cases they decimated programs in music and the arts, robbing students of the intellectual, cognitive, and social benefits of these pursuits”.  With this statistic given, many are not in favor of these programs being cut from the schools, causing tension to rise throughout people all around.

Many people believe that the art and music programs should not be cut from schools due to the fact that they excel in these types of courses.  Parents are advocates of keeping these types of courses in the schools because some state that in benefits their kids in their lives because they are free to express themselves through art and/or music the way they want to without being judged by society.

Most of the decisions to cut these programs are based off of the statistics that the programs are not as “strong” and “important” as they once used to be and schools can not cut courses such as math or reading, and also are based off of the simple but debatable fact that the budget fixes will not cover the cost of these courses.

With the art and music programs being cut from schools, students that excel in those courses and use this as a way of expressing who they truly are and also as a way of freedom may be in an unfortunate state because this may be taken away from them.  Music and Art programs are being cut from schools all around the nation, so if you’re one of those students who excel in these programs, you may be left in an unfortunate state.

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