Art Club Fundraisers

Every year the UAHS art club participates in the Empty Bowls project held by the Fayette County Community Action Agency. Empty Bowls raises awareness of hunger in our community and raises funds to support our local food bank. The art club makes handmade ceramic bowls, and a simple meal is included in them such as soup, with bread and a drink, all donated by local restaurants. Auction items at the event include tickets to museums, theaters, sporting events, & much more.

In the Fall season art club will be holding a fundraiser to fund the art club field trip and other events. They will be selling Halloween themed candle holders designed like ghosts, handmade by the art club. Small candle holders will be sold for $5 dollars and larger ones will be sold for $10. The art club held an after school meeting to create said cups on Wednesday October 2nd in the ceramics room. After the art club meeting there was a meeting for the Euro-tour from 5:30 to 6:30 for students and parents interested. It was followed by a fundraiser meeting for travelers who have enrolled or are planning to enroll.

The art club will also be holding a fundraiser around Christmas. This time selling mugs with the Uniontown High School “U” logo on them. They will be sold for $10 dollars and $15 for personal editions like your name. There will be more information on the mugs as we get closer to Christmas. The art room is also selling snacks as usual, snacks like popcorn, chips and granola bars for a dollar each.

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