Artist of the Week: Andrea Gurtner

Andrea Gurtner is a four year member of the marching band. She has also been in the one act plays and the musicals. She is a senior. She has also been the silk captain for two years. This year she won an award achievement in arts for theatre and visual arts.

Q: How long have you been in band?
A: Four years

Q: What section are you in?
A: Silks

Q: Do you participate in anything other than band?
A: Drama club and SADD club

Q: What is your favorite part about band?
A: Becoming close with everyone and forming a family like band. Performing under the Friday night lights is also super cool and so much fun.

Q: What was your least favorite part about band?
A: Band camp. I get sun poisoning EVERY YEAR!!!

Q: What made you start band?
A: I found it very interesting how close everyone was and thought it would be nice to have a home away from home.

Q: What do you think the hardest part was about band?
A: The hardest part about band has definitely been when I realized that this would be my last year in band and that I would never perform for Uniontown high school again.

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