Artist of the Week: Chynna El-Ayazra

TT: What is your favorite supply to use?

CE: Pastels and charcoal, but clay and oil paints are fun too

TT: What, if anything, inspires you?

CE: Societal issues, friends, and my own feelings

TT: What are some things you have created?

CE: Clay bust, watercolor paintings, oil paintings, hundreds of sketches over the years, so many different thing

TT: How has your art changed over time?

CE: It was very simple with little meaning below the surface, but now it has become realistic with compelling meanings that actually capture the viewers eye

TT: What kind of background do you have with art?

CE: I grew up with art everywhere, my mother is an artist and photographer, other art forms such as music and writing were also huge influences

TT: Do you have any advice for those who want to be an artist?

CE: There is no one way to learn how to do art, there are techniques, but art can not be taught is an emotional process that you have to feel, it is a positive use of negative emotions that creates something beautiful. To become an artist, you must first learn to feel, and then you must learn how to see the world of what it really is. Every eye perceives it differently.

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