Artist of the Week: Maddie Velosky

Maddie Velosky joined the art club as well as National Art Honors Society her junior year of high school. As a junior, she also participated in the One Act Plays alongside the drama club. I decided to interview her to talk about her interests as well as her art.

Q: What got you into art?
A: “Nothing really for me into art. I used to color as a kid and I think it just developed from there.”

Q: Who is your favorite artist?
A: “My favorite artist is either Jen Bartel or Stuart Semple.”

Q: What is your favorite art medium?
A: “My favorite art medium is either jut sketching with a pencil, but I also use gouache often.”

Q: How long have you been doing art?
A: “I’ve been doing art ever since I can remember.”

Q: Do you want to make art your career?
A: “I don’t think I want to make art my career, but I do want to continue pursuing it throughout my life.”

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