Artist of the Week: Trinity Lax

This weeks artist of the week is a hard working, creative student with a passion for hands-on art.

Q: What style of art do you enjoy creating the most?
A: “The art I enjoy creating the most is drawing.”

Q: What form of art do you specialize in?
A: “I’ve always been particularly good at 2-D art, such as drawing or painting.”

Q: Do you plan on working art into your career?
A:” I don’t necessarily plan on working art into my career, but I’ll continue to do art on the side.”

Q: Is there anywhere we could find your art?
A:” Sometimes you’ll find my art hanging in the art room or an occasional picture on social media, other than that, you can’t find my art anywhere.”

Q:Any advice for newer artists out there?
A: “If you want to become better at art, always practice and put your heart into it. That’s where the best art comes from.”

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