Audrey White, Penn State Master Gardener

Since spring is approaching, we will begin to see beautiful flowers and plants blooming. Audrey White, a Penn State Master Gardener has a few comments about what a Penn State Master Gardener is and how the cold weather affected the plants this week.

Q: What is a Penn State Master Gardener?

A: A Penn State Master Gardener is an avid gardener who wants to share their knowledge with the community.

Q: What do you do when a part of this program?

A: When a part of this program you talk to the local communities about their gardens. You help them with any issues, solve their gardening problems and make recommendations about what to plant, where to plant it, and how to maintain it.

Q: How do you become one?

A: To become a Master Gardener contact your local Penn State extension office and sign up for the course. It is a six month program and you meet once a week and take 24 different programs. To officially become one, you must pass a test by the end of the courses.

Q: How has the colder weather this week affected the plants?

A: Most people have lost their fruit trees. All annuals ( something that only grows for one warm season) are dead. The garden growth is delayed and the grass isn’t growing as fast as usual.

Q: What is your favorite thing to plant?

A: My favorite thing to plant are annual flowers, especially Zinnias.

Audrey White also helped granddaughter, Claire White, with her PJAS project this year. Her project was titled, “Major, Minor, Plants!” This project researched how positive and negative energy affects the growth of plants. After completing the experiment, results showed exposing your plant to some type of positive energy will help your plants grow stronger and faster compared to negative energy and a constant plant.

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