Avengers Game Review

The Avengers is a game that came out this month on the 4th of September. It is a story based game but also has a multiplayer where you can play with your friends. And you can also just play the story. It is a pretty long story depending on what kind of skills you out in your skill tree or what kind of gear you find in your mission. You can even level your gear up to make it even more powerful.

You are able to play as six different hero’s in the campaign. You can play as Thor, Captain America, Iron man, Ms Marvel (Kamala khan), The Hulk, and Black Widow. In this game all of the superhero’s are outlawed after an even called A-day where one of the helicarriers fell out of the sky and released a crystal called Terrigen and it created super humans called inhumans and they all have unique abilities like, fire and teleportation. The main villain in the game is MODOK he used to be a scientist working with the avengers but then A-day happened and he created A.I.M which stands for Advanced Idea Mechanics. MODOK’s powers include controlling technology and even alien technology.

The multiplayer mode has you team up with three other people and go on missions as one of the six playable characters more characters were said to come out at a later date. Characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man are confirmed by the developers. It also includes comics book characters that have been in games before like She-Hulk, Songbird, Falcon, Hawkeye, and Wasp. They also have a bunch of movie characters coming to the game like Doctor Strange, and Vision. I just finished the game and the ending is amazing and there is so much more to do after you beat the game.

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