Band Senior Night 2019

On Friday October 11th, 2019 it was band senior night. Before the football game started, all of the marching band seniors walked down the middle of the football field. Every student was escorted by their family, and the announcer read everybody’s name, clubs they participate in, and their future plans.

It is very sad to see all of these friends that I have made over the years walking down the field as seniors. The band is going to very different and a whole lot smaller next year when we graduate. The seniors this year make up more than half of the band. The only section that will remain fairly large is the drumline. The drumline is only losing two members, so it should remain a decent size, unless people are moved to new instruments.

I’m sure all of the seniors that are going to college will continue to do marching band. Marching band was definitely the highlight of high school for me. It’s the highlight because of all the friends you make, and all of the memories you make. If you enjoy music I highly recommend you give marching band a try, and keep our music program alive.

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