Basketball Tournament at Ben Franklin

There is going to be a basketball tournament held at Ben Franklin on Saturday, March 16th at 2 P.M. The teams are going to be teams of parents and teams of teachers. Teams will have 6 players on them. Signing up for a team is 10 dollars per player. If you are going to have a parent team, at least one person on the team must have a child that goes to the school district. Everyone else on the team can be community members. When a team signs up, they will choose a school to represent, and will be assigned a color.

The teacher teams will play each other until one team is remaining, and the parents will play the parents until there is one team remaining. The final teacher and parent team will play each other for the championship game. The winning team will win the championship trophy and bragging rights. The organizers of the event just ask that the trophy sits on display in the school’s office that you represent. The winning team will be reimbursed the fee they paid to play, and a smaller trophy to take home.

To register for the event, email Lauren Latsnic at or fill out the signup sheet and send it to the Ben Franklin school. Signups are due by March 1st, and payment will be due then too.

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