Before & After WWll: USA

The USA was in the Great Depression following up to World War ll. One way that helped the US get out of the Great Depression was the Lend-Lease and aiding the allies in the early years of the war. The US didn’t first join the fight when world war ll started. Some reasons why the US was neutral at the beginning of the war was the general American public wasn’t ready for another major conflict. Another reason was many Americans viewed world war ll as a European problem.

The US joined the fight with the allies after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. When the US joined the fight a rationing program was established to have supplies for US troops. The Pacific War became one of island hopping, so as to move air bases closer and closer to Japan. The war ended when the US dropped two atomic bombs on two of Japan’s cities (Hiroshima and Nagasaki).

After World War ll the US experienced phenomenal economics growth. The war brought home the return of prosperity. Postwar period the US consolidated its position as the world richest country. A decade and a half later the Cold War unfolded between the US and the USSR.

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