Behind the Scenes of Tomahawk Talk

Students who take the course Tomahawk Talk team up and work with Mrs. Marzano to keep the school website Tomahawk Talk up and running! Tomahawk Talk recently upped their game and received a new media studio as a donation from John Gismondi. The donation covered new production equipment, a new raider production room, and a new Tomahawk Talk room.  Students are given jobs to tend to once a week such as social media producers, photographers, editors, horoscope, poll of the week, and more!

The leader of the poll of the week, Dawson Plume, says that being a part of Tomahawk Talk is fantastic. He stated that while doing the work for the class, it can sometimes be stressful keeping up with the work you do each week. When asked what his favorite part about being in the class he said, “It’s fun and a different experience for me. I enjoy getting to be a part of something for the school that isn’t sports.”.

There are editors for each category of the Tomahawk Talk website. The editors describe their jobs as simple yet difficult. The sports and video editor, Jeff Malaspino, states “Its hard to go through each article and debate if someones writing is grammatically correct. If its not, its hard to decide what to do without changing someones article completely.”

Tomahawk Talk brings different students together since its an elective class. No matter if a student takes honors/Ap classes or regular classes, the class is available for them to take. The only requirement being that you take the Computer Applications course first. Here are some behind the scenes photos of the current students taking the course:

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