Benefits of The Culinary Arts Program

The culinary arts program at Fayette CTI has had many improvements over the last two years. The culinary class prepares students to go into the food service industry. Julia Harhai teaches culinary skills, work ethic, math, reading, maturity, and good hygiene. She was a chef at Lautrec at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. It is a five star, five diamond restaurant. To work at such a prestigious restaurant is a big accomplishment. She is professionally trained and she is teaching all the skills she has to students in the program.

In the next few months the program is opening up their own restaurant and bakery that will be open to the public. This will show students what it is really like to work in the industry. It will also help the class earn money for new equipment. All of the students are excited for this new chapter in their life, especially the seniors.

This class can truly change your life if you have a passion for it. Julia is a teacher that is like a mom to all her students. This makes the class even better because it is like one big giant family.

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