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For the past few weeks, students at Uniontown Area High School have been meeting in the cafeteria on Thursday mornings to learn and grow in their faith as Christians. Ryleigh Kelley, a junior who joined Christian Georgiana, Payton Hostetler, Dominic Scott, and Jacob Schiffbauer in taking initiative to start a weekly Bible study at UHS, elaborates on her thoughts and opinions in the following Q&A.

What were your motives behind starting a Bible study at UHS?

One of the biggest reasons behind starting Bible Club/study back up was that many kids, including myself, will not always have the free time to go to after-school youth groups. Many of us have jobs, or just can’t get rides. It’s not fair to the kids that can’t make it out to the after-school event for issues they can’t control. After thinking about it for a while, Christian and I started discussing about doing in-school Bible studies. That way, there’s an opportunity for kids that. Any not be able to go to church or youth group. It also opens a new window of reaching out and showing our fellow peers our dedication to our religious beliefs

Describe what a typical meeting looks like. What will you strive to improve on in the future?

Naturally, we all gather around after letting our home room teacher know that we will be in the cafeteria for Bible study. We make sure we sit in desks 6 feet apart to ensure everyone’s safety in the pandemic. Our studies right now are put on by a group of students. We all discuss the night before what the selected person wants to talk about and how they are equipped for the study. Hopefully in the future we will see God changing these students lives as He has changed ours.

On average, about how many students attend the meeting? How might you encourage more students to join?

On average, we have had a steady 20-23 students attending weekly. We would love to see new faces. We encourage everyone to bring their friends and ask questions! Sometimes we will have donuts or snacks to enjoy during the study.

How do you think students will benefit from attending this Bible study?

If a student is serious about our study, they can benefit from attending the meetings by learning new ways to communicate with God through prayer and learn how to strengthen their relationship with God.

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