Black History Month

Black history month is a very important month that is celebrated each year. We celebrate and recognize all of Black history. We celebrate the important heroes like Martin Luther King Junior, Jackie Robinson, and Rosa Parks. There are many African Americans that made a difference for black history. It’s important that we all at least recognize these historic figures. If it weren’t for them, things wouldn’t be how they are in today’s world.

Jackie Robinson was an African American to play in Major League Baseball during the late 40sand 50s. He didn’t have it easy at all. Every time he was up at bat the crowd would roar at him and insult him with many slurs. But he kept his composure and did his best. His teammates and even his coach realized how tough he had it. Fans and other teams didn’t like him or his teammates for having his back. Jackie made a difference, he went through something no one would want to go through, but he did it to make a change and even to play the sport he loved. On April 15th of every season, each player wears the number 42 to honor Jackie Robinson. April 15th was Jackie’s first debut. His number is also retired and no one will wear his number again.

Martin Luther King Junior was perhaps the man who made a huge difference for America. Obviously he and all of the people that worked with him didn’t have it easy. But they never gave up and it all paid off. He’d have peaceful protests in cities in the south and many people hated him for that. The biggest thing was his “I have a dream” speech he gave at the Capital. The most famous line from that speech is “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” That to this day is one the most important quotes ever said because he made a huge difference. African American children were able to go to unsegregated schools and many started to unite together as one whole. More African American athletes were being recognized like Jim Brown, Ernie Davis, Jackie Robinson and many more. The best part is that more history will be added to this month as each year continues.

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