Blog Post Topics

Free Choice – Write whatever you’d like, as long as it’s school appropriate.

Class Related – Write a post about something you’re learning in any of your other classes. You can discuss concepts, articles, media, labs, etc. Writing is a thinking process, so blogging about a concept from another class can help solidify your thinking about it.

How To – Write instructions on how to do something that other students will find helpful.  Examples are how to change settings on the iphone to save battery life, how to bake a cake, how to build something, or how to sew a button on.

Current Events – Write a post about a current events topic. Explain the event and/or share your thoughts about it.

Passion – Write about something you are passionate about.  Find something that you love or hate and share your passion with your readers. Instead of simply gushing about (or bashing) your topic, your goal is to share your knowledge about the subject and perhaps persuade us to feel the same way.

Outside Text – Respond to a text of your choice. Texts can be books, TV shows, films, blog posts, news articles, news broadcasts, videos, tweets, hashtags, or more.  By “respond to a text,” I mean that you should discuss something you’ve seen or read outside of class and share your response to it. The text could be something that made you think, confused you, made you happy, made you mad, interested you, or more.  Remember to provide a well-embedded link to your source text (near the beginning of your post so your reader will have context early on).

Wordless – “Write” your post using only multimedia content  (photographs, gifs, vines, memes, etc.) Images and videos must be embedded so the reader can see them all upon scrolling. The reader shouldn’t need to click on a bunch of URLs to find your content.

Video Log – Perhaps you want to present your ideas orally instead of in writing. Well, you can do that! Every once in a while, you may create a vlog post instead of a blog post. If you select this option, you must embed your video in your regular blog (you can’t just embed a hyperlink to the video).


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